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Sep 9

Isle Royale Experience - Part 1, Getting to the Island

This is a series of videos I will be uploading regarding my recent experience with Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.

Gear Up With A Friend Giveaway

Gear Up With A Friend Giveaway

September 2014, the David’s Passage YouTube channel (youtube.com/davidspassage) will reach a 10,000 subscriber milestone. As a way of saying thanks, I am running a gear giveaway contest for you and a friend. The winner and their friend will receive (free of charge) some sweet outdoor gear. This contest will run through September of 2014.

To qualify, you and your friend must be subscribers to…

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Pine River Paddling

In this video, my wife and I paddle the Pine River near Cadillac, Michigan. This is one of the faster rivers in lower Michigan.

Paddle Pack - What’s in it?

Paddle Pack – What’s in it?

It’s a good idea to think ahead before you set out on any river. I’ve learned the hard way that if you aren’t prepared, things can go “south” quick! In the video below I go through my standard paddle pack and share with you the things I take with me on my river trips as well as some of the logic and uses behind them. Below the video are links to where you can purchase most of the items if you…

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DIY Wood Gas Backpacking Stove

DIY Wood Gas Backpacking Stove

A constant pursuit in backpacking is finding ways to lighten your load. One way you can do this is by getting your cooking fuel from nature as opposed to carrying it in all the time. In this video I demonstrate how to make a lightweight wood gas backpacking stove. This design has been around for a while and is constructed in such a way that causes the wood to reach a state of secondary combustion…

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Aug 8

DIY Cat Food Alcohol Stove

DIY Cat Food Alcohol Stove

In this video I show you how to build an ultralight alcohol backpacking stove with a cat food can. I then go ahead and do a burn test to see how it performs. These are sometimes called a “Fancy Feast Stove” because it uses that type of can. This is one of the lightest alcohol stove options out there for backpackers and can make a great addition to your kit. (more…)

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Aug 1

Climbing Mt. Bierstadt - Georgetown, Colorado

Climbing Mt. Bierstadt – Georgetown, Colorado

Even though Mt. Bierstadt is one of the easier 14ers in Colorado to climb, it is still a challenge for those of us who live at lower elevations. This 14,060 foot mountain is totally worth it though. The views from the top are breathtaking, and the sense of accomplishment you get from conquering a 14er is awesome.

In this video I take you along with us as we hike up this mountain. If you are ever…

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Jul 2
Getting ready for my second 14er in CO. Leading a group this time.

Getting ready for my second 14er in CO. Leading a group this time.

Simple Pack Hanging Trick for BackpackingIf you’re backpacking or are a backpacker, pack weight and space are a precious commodity. This…View Post

Simple Pack Hanging Trick for Backpacking

If you’re backpacking or are a backpacker, pack weight and space are a precious commodity. This…

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Samburu Village Day

One part of our recent mission to Africa was to visit and learn more about the work being done with a local Samburu village near Archer’s Post, Kenya. As part of this day trip we went and visited with villagers in a village called Lorata. This video takes…

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